Quinton and Bobby

Quinton & Bobby

Quinton and Bobby have been friends for 16 years - sharing beer, travel, and their creative pursuits.


Quinton currently resides in Massachusetts where he works as an independent filmmaker, performer, and freelance artist. He loves film, theatre, writing, travel, cultural exploration, video games, art, and craft beer. A self-professed “nerd”, his creativity and influences as a visual storyteller have found success in gallery spaces, video game development, visual effects studios, advertising, production design, performing arts, documentary film, cross cultural residencies and more. Bringing stories and characters to life in every dimension is his passion and entertaining people is his greatest joy.


What is it about beer that you love?

The room for invention is so damn exciting. The level of precision and personality that can be achieved in beer is unparalleled - it’s the most malleable alcohol in the world.

However, the romantic in me would say that what I love most about beer is its timelessness. Beer is ancient. It has changed the lines on map many times. With every sip, you’re connecting to centuries of human history and tradition. It’s like time traveling. That’s enough to give me goosebumps.

What’s your favorite beer?

I’ve been spending a lot of time in London this past year, so these days I’ve been craving a proper pint of English Bitters.

Fun Facts about yourself:

This summer, I will be traveling to Scotland to play Hamlet in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Recently, I co-developed and starred in a comedic web series, We Have a Dinosaur, where I played opposite a velociraptor named Norman. I’m a professional voice actor and I do a pretty mean Gandalf impersonation. From the noisily mundane to the gently insane, I continue my work as a filmmaker, actor, and visual artist in the greater Boston area.


As a jack-of-all-trades type, Bobby has found hobbies that include the arts, film, sports, travel. Bobby is currently an educator and program coordinator with the Town of Arlington, MA. He has rich experience with education and services for children and young adults as a teacher, camp coordinator, trip leader and instructor for international programs. In addition to teaching and education, he has a love for documentary film, has a strong background in acting and performing as well as theatre production, a love of fitness and personnel training and world travel. Bobby is a craft beer enthusiast, and has a passion for storytelling, history and cultural connections.


What is it about beer that you love?

I love how beer can be a perfect catalyst to look at culture, it can bring people together, allow for people to loosen up and have genuine conversations and it can even give you some liquid courage for the right moment... Most all, I love the craft of making beer, how so many different variations on this one drink are possible and how there is no perfect end to making “the best beer”. I really enjoy looking at the history and change of beer and how it has reflected human cultures and society over time…. I just love it!!

What’s your favorite beer?

I love so many styles. Lately I have really been getting into the New England IPAs. I love “One Hop This Time” from Night Shift Brewing, “The Juice” from Peak Organic Brewery, “Congress Street IPA” from Trillium Brewing Company. And a lot more of those.

I’m also really into Belgian Beers recently, Triples and Quads in particular can be amazing when done right. I really like Ommegang brewery’s “Three Philosophers” and Allagash Brewing Company’s “Tripel”

Fun Facts about yourself:

My background is in education, I am a teacher and coordinator at a public school system and I use to teach high school history. History, foreign affairs and politics are all strong interest of mine.

I love travel and try to do it as much as possible. I studied abroad in college in Scotland for a semester, I have led a cultural immersion and community service trip to Costa Rica, and I have been to Israel on a birthright expedition.

I was a fitness professional/personal trainer: exercising/staying fit and healthy remains a huge part of my life… somehow I make that work with my love of beer and carbs!

I am a crazy sports fan! Born and raise in Massachusetts so I love all of the Boston sports teams. It has been an incredible decade, decade-plus of winning!!

I am film and theatre enthusiast. II have studied film in school and love old classic movies and cult films. I am also an actor and perform in theatre regularly. I’m kind of a closet Shakespeare nerd.

I am also a fan of fantasy and sci fi novels… yup not embarrassed!

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