Our Concept

In 2007 two best friends opened the World of Beer in the Westchase community of Tampa, FL. Their vision was to create a welcoming place where friends could gather to discover craft beer and swap stories while taking in a game or enjoying live music. Today, World of Beer is leading the unique, exploding cultural phenomenon of Craft Taverns. At our core is, of course, beer. We hunt and gather beers from around the world, offering the best craft variety on the planet to the beer aficionado and casual beer fan alike. Complementing our amazing beer selection is our delicious “tavern fare" menu, craft spirits, and live entertainment all served up by a passionate, insanely knowledgeable staff. The result, a winning concept and a truly golden opportunity.

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What sets World of Beer Apart?

The Best Selection of Craft Beers
Leveraging national scale and local autonomy we relentlessly hunt and gather global craft beers you simply can’t get anywhere else. This same spirit applies to our emerging craft spirits offering.
Insanely Knowledgeable Staff
We attract people passionate about beer all trained through our unparalleled beer school, ensuring every customer as an able guide for their next great beer discovery
Innovative Tavern Fare
A bold collection of innovative dishes and tavern classics geared toward enhancing the flavor of craft beer
Our management and support team is loaded with restaurant and franchise professionals
Superior Technology
From superior AV systems, proprietary management systems, and innovative mobile apps, we invest in technology that betters the customer and franchisee experience
Exceptional Unit Economics
An attractive sales-to-investment ratio