Available Capital

World of Beer’s success has captured the enthusiasm and interest of financial institutions across the country. We work diligently to turn this interest into available capital for new and existing development partners. In January 2017, available funding is now $75-Million from Benetrends through its franchise funding program providing qualified World of Beer candidates with direct access to capital to help expand the brand's presence in new and existing markets.

Site Selection

We assist in the selection and acquisition of a site by providing guidance and evaluating information the franchisee has gathered on locations they are considering. Also provided are recommendations during the lease negotiation period to help maximize the opportunity for the franchisee to receive the proper build-out and landlord support, thus keeping the initial investment as low as possible.


Working with our design team is a critical stage in the development of any World of Beer Tavern. Our design team assists in creating the selected tavern's floor plan, including bar design, restrooms, musician placement, retail flow, outdoor space, back office, equipment layout, storage, television and audio equipment placement, internal & external signage, point-of-sale placement, lighting and much more.

Construction Assistance

After the initial design, we'll assist you with the bidding process to select a reputable and approved general contractor, and provide guidance in overseeing the construction phase to verify that the final tavern matches the initial design.

Management Training

Prior to the opening of a new tavern, we provide an extensive training program for you and your management team. The program includes topics such as product knowledge and history, customer service fundamentals, employee motivation, advertising, accounting & record keeping, purchasing, inventory management, point-of-sale (POS) system operation, and staff duties.

On-Site Assistance

In addition to the initial management training program, we send a certified trainer to your tavern to offer hands-on assistance during the opening of your World of Beer. This helps ensure that the business practices that make a WOB tavern successful are implemented and are functioning at the highest levels. After the initial opening, a field representative will make periodic visits to help make sure that these core competencies remain in place.

Supplier Relationships

We have developed strong relationships with product distributors, general contractors, architects, equipment suppliers, audio/visual specialists, marketing & design firms, insurance providers, and additional vendors that are essential to opening and operating a WOB tavern. The franchisee benefits greatly from these relationships evidenced by lower costs and improved customer service.

Research & Development

We are constantly improving and refining every aspect of the business by conducting research in the areas of product development, culinary innovation, information systems, operational methods and techniques, and marketing and advertising. As new business practices are developed and operating efficiencies are discovered, they are shared within the WOB franchise community.