Taylor currently lives in beautiful West Hollywood, California. She likes to spend her time making videos for the internet, tanning at the beach, or eating. No food is safe around her, she says, particularly Mexican food. She’s a film buff and is constantly marathoning Netflix shows. She is actually “embarrassingly good at” roller blading, and loves making fun of herself. You can always count on Taylor to make you laugh and find the weird in the everyday. This journey with World of Beer will marry her three loves: video, travel, and beer!


What is it about beer that you love?

I love beer because it comes in a million different shapes, colors, flavors, and each one has a unique story behind it. It’s like an autobiography as you drink it. It’s like wine, but a hell of a lot less pretentious.

What’s your favorite beer?

My favorites include Weihenstephaner, Newcastle, and Kiltlifter from Four Peaks. I love a good Hefe or brown ale, but I’ll drink according to my mood or even the weather. No beer is safe with me around.

Fun Facts about yourself:

I collect nice watches, my left foot is a size bigger than my right, I have a scar on my face from getting attacked by a dog, and it’s like a little badge of honor. I can ballroom dance really well, I was in a sorority in college, I got voted “most athletic” in high school, I’m a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, I ride a motorcycle, and can speak Spanish. I’ve got a lot of quirks/cool stuff about me, but I’ll cut the list here.

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