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Nutrition / Gluten / Allergy Info

Click “WOB Food Nutrition” to download full nutrition information. Scroll down for Allergy information.

  • Nutrition information is calculated based on our standard recipes. Because our products may be customized, exact information may vary.
WOB Food Menu Nutritionals 10.21

Download our full allergy list here – WOB Allergens

Pairing your favorite beer with the perfect entrée, shareable or even dessert is important. That’s why we share with you all the allergen information you could possibly need, to ensure you have the perfect meal to go with your perfect beer.

*Our store offers products with eggs, fish, milk, MSG, other gluten, peanuts, shellfish, soy, sulfites, tree nuts, & wheat. While we take steps to minimize the risk of cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that any of our products are safe to consume for people with eggs, fish, milk, MSG, other gluten, peanuts, shellfish, soy, sulfites, tree nuts, or wheat allergies. Additionally, please note that items placed into our fryers may not be free from all allergens.

*We ask that when placing your order you alert the manager on duty to your food allergy or sensitivity. We will then try our best to avoid any accidental cross-contact, but again we can offer no guarantees and accept no liability. The more information relating to your specific needs you can provide, the better we can attempt to protect you.

Gluten Friendly menus are available at all locations, ask your server for one today!

While we love beer, we know that some stomachs can’t handle the wheat. That’s why we have gluten-free menu options as well as drink options including gluten-free beer, when available.

*Please be aware that during normal kitchen operations involving shared cooking equipment and preparation areas, which may or may not include common fryer oil, the possibility exists for cross-contact, therefore, food items (including garnishes) may come in contact with wheat/gluten proteins. Additionally, fried food items and grilled food items could absorb wheat/gluten proteins during the cooking process. Therefore, we recommend that individuals with these allergies and intolerances avoid ALL fried foods, grilled foods and garnishes. Due to these circumstances, we are unable to guarantee that any menu item can be COMPLETELY free of wheat/gluten protein.

*Items may be served raw or undercooked or may contain raw or undercooked ingredients. The consumption of raw or undercooked eggs, hamburgers, shellfish, poultry, fish and steaks may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.