Beer 101

sharing our passion of beer.


We started as a place for people to come together around one common thing, beer. And to us, it’s more than just a beverage. It’s a conversation starter, a way for us to bond with friends, a tradition, and one of the tastiest hobbies around. Good beer should be shared and appreciated, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a beer aficionado or dabbling in craft beer for the first time, there’s always a seat for you at the bar.

Bringing You the Best

beer selection around.

Every location has a local beer expert who is in charge of managing the location’s beer assortment. They work with breweries and local distributors to identify the latest, freshest and rarest beer in the market. So what does this mean for you? Each World of Beer is different than the next! Our continually rotating beer lists are curated with you in mind. And on top of extensive beer selections, our Product Managers partner with breweries to bring you one of a kind promotions and events!

Secret Llama Beer

Secret Llama is World of Beer’s proprietary line of beers. We partner with domestic and international breweries to bring you one of a kind beers. Currently, the core lineup consists of a Blueberry Wheat Ale & IPA (available in select markets). These are brewed locally at Brew Hub in Lakeland, FL. We’ve also collaborated with Brouwerij de Brabandere in Belgium on multiple beer releases.

Do It Right

or not at all.

For some, executing on proper beer care and pouring may go mostly unnoticed, but it’s crucial we provide the absolute best product and experience we can get to you.

Each style of beer calls for a specific glass that is designed to bring out the flavors and aromas of a particular style. Using proper glassware impacts the entire beer experience and helps the beer you select reach its full potential.

We also require that all of our glasses are beer clean, a definition set by the Brewer’s Association. We take several steps to ensure your glassware is not only the right kind but also doesn’t ruin the experience by ruining the flavor, aroma, or mouthfeel. We wash glassware separate from other dishes, air dry glassware to avoid adding lint to the glasses, pre-rinse glasses before serving to remove dust or other particulates and avoid frosted glassware as each ice crystal creates excess foaming.

beer is more than a beverage;

it’s an experience.

When it comes to beer, you deserve someone who knows about beer and how to properly recommend types and flavors you may enjoy. The only way to do that is to put every member of our staff through what we call “Beer School.” This thorough training process ensures that we are armed with everything needed to provide the best recommendations based on your tastes. Don’t be afraid to ask what their favorite beer is, what the local breweries are, or chat about beer in general because we’re always ready for those tasty conversations.

WOB Phone App

The World of Beer Phone App is more than just a Rewards program; it’s WOB Culture. We’ll give you everything you need to try out new beers, track which ones you’ve drunk, earn badges, and be able to compare your beer count with other locals on your store’s leaderboard.

Food Pairings

There is a near-endless number of flavors and complexities in beer which makes it the perfect pairing for food. But it can be challenging to pair every beer style with food properly, so our food menus come with beer pairing recommendations to make it a little bit easier to sit back and enjoy whatever drink you may have in your hand.

Flights and local crafts

If you’re looking to sample a variety of flavors, try out all the local breweries, or attempt to try a new beer style, well then we’ve got the perfect answer for you. We have curated beer flights for you to drink or you can create a custom selection filled with whatever draft beers you’d like to sample.