WOB Loyalty

What sets World of Beer Apart?

We value your business and believe that you should be rewarded for your loyalty. That’s why we offer programs that allow you to be even more interactive with the World of Beer experience, giving you the opportunity to get all sorts of fun stuff. Come see us and receive your World of Beer loyalty card today.

The Loyalty Card Program

Like to try new beers? With a World of Beer Loyalty Card, you’ll earn a point for every different beer you buy at World of Beer. Rewards include gift cards, T-shirts, embroidered polo shirts, plaques, mugs, and even parties in your honor, with the tab on us!

To join, just ask your bartender or server, or register through the WORLD OF BEER APP for iPhone and Android. With the app, you can track your points, see what beers you've had, find new beers, and filter the list to find exactly what you are craving. Sign up and start enjoying the perks.