Secret Llama Sour IPA

WOB Bar & Kitchens’ proprietary beer line, Secret Llama, has recently brewed a new beer called Sour IPA in collaboration with Brouwerji de Brabandere. The beer is brewed with light sour flavors that are created by maturing in oak foeders for 12 months. The longevity of the beer dry hopping gives the beer a forward hop profile while the oak foeders create a citrus character in the nose. The beer finishes off with fruity esters from the wild yeast.

Over the years, WOB has been honored to partner with Brouwerij de Brabandere on many of their Secret Llama collaborations. Brouwerij de Brabandere is known for their recipe formulation and innovation which has led them to becoming one of the most prolific brewers in Belgium. WOB is happy to continue collaborating with this amazing brand.

If you’re interested in trying out the Secret Llama Sour IPA, you can ask your local WOB*Star if they have it in stock. You can also visit Brouwerij de Brabandere’s website at to learn more about their brand and other beer offerings.