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Meet Holly Mauser, Server Turned into Regional Manager!

Meet Holly Mauser, Server Turned into Regional Manager!

How did you get started with WOB?

I started as a server at West Palm Beach. I quickly got promoted to Product manager then General Manager in 2013. I worked for the South FL franchisees until 2018, when WOB Franchising acquired our Coconut Creek location. Then I became a regional manager in training in 2020, and now I am the Regional Manager for 8 locations in South Florida!

How long you’ve been with WOB?

10 years!

What separates World of Beer from other places you’ve worked?

World of Beer is fun but maintains their high standards. They kept me around when I was a server because of my love for beer, and my consistency in the company led me to management roles. My uppers have really put trust in me and given me opportunities to grow.

What is your favorite part about working for WOB?

At this point, I have grown up with WOB! As a server/manager, I loved working for WOB because they allowed me to be creative and be myself. Talking about beer with customers was my passion and WOB allowed me to explore beer and more once we put food in. As a regional manager, my favorite part about working for WOB is that I can help mold and grow my managers into strong leaders, and I have the challenge of growing each of my stores financially and morally. I also like making money!

What advice do you have for others that want to start a career at WOB?

Just apply; you don’t need years of experience, just a drive to want to succeed and learn. WOB is a great company; we are structured but not so big that we don’t have any fun!