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Menu Spotlight: Bi Bim Bap

Menu Spotlight: Bi Bim Bap

Bi Bim What? 

Let me introduce you to an item that is best enjoyed alongside a cold beer (and you know we have plenty of those at WOB Bar & Kitchen!). Bi Bim Bap is a South Korean rice dish which has existed there for centuries. Traditionally, it is made with white rice, topped with vegetables (sauteed, raw, or pickled) and gochujang sauce – a type of Korean Chili paste, meat, and finished with an egg yolk or fried egg and is stirred together before eating. At WOB, we blend the classic concept of Bi Bim Bap with the flavors you have come to love. We start with steamed jasmine rice and surround it with sauteed mushrooms, kimchi vegetables, scallions, shredded carrots, and cucumber. We marinade diced beef with a house-made gochujang BBQ sauce for 24 hours then sear it to perfect caramelization and lay it atop the rice. We drizzle it with additional gochujang sauce and then top it with a sunny side up egg and finish it off with toasted sesame seeds. Be sure to stir it together thoroughly before enjoying! 

We suggest pairing this with an IPA to bring out the spiciness of the gochujang sauce. The hops in the IPA also pair nicely with the earthiness of the Bi Bim Bap. Geonbae! (Bottoms up!)