What is WOB Bar & Kitchen?

Established in 2007 by two close friends in Westchase,  Florida, World of Beer, referred to as WOB Bar & Kitchen, was created as a gathering place where friends could come together to enjoy food, drinks, and exploration.

As the original craft beer bar, WOB prides itself on offering an impressive selection of both local and international beers with rotating taps at locations across the nation. In addition to beer, guests can choose from a variety of wine and spirits to suit their preferences.

Complementing their vast beer selection, WOB Bar & Kitchen has crafted a signature food menu that elevates the beer drinking experience. From unique twists on classic dishes like the Black n’ Blue Burger and the Cali Bowl to crowd favorites like the life-sized German Pretzel and award-winning Mac & Cheese Bites, there is something for every palate.

WOB has become a global franchise that continues to provide a welcoming atmosphere for beer enthusiasts and food lovers alike. For more information, visit www.worldofbeer.com.