WOB Bite of the Month: Nutella “churro” Donuts

With your New Year’s Resolutions just around the corner, it is your last chance to indulge yourself with some delicious, calorie packed desserts. We have just the thing for you. If you have not tried our Nutella ”churro” donuts, you must find time to cram this in before the end of the year. Our donuts are fresh fried yeast donut holes, that we liberally toss in cinnamon sugar to give you that authentic “churro” taste. We serve it up with a side of warm Nutella, a smooth, sweet blend of chocolate and hazelnut, and dust them with powdered sugar.

As you dip these in the warm Nutella, be sure to pair it with a Chocolate stout or a sweet and balanced malty porter beer. My New Year’s Resolution is simple…a beer a day keeps the doctor away! I think that’s how that goes…..see you soon & happy New Years!


Beer of the Week: Untitled Art NE S’Mores Dark Brew. Our NEW NA S’Mores Dark Brew is exactly the same as the alcohol version… but without the alcohol! We can’t tell you how proud we are of this guy. All the light, smokey, sweet, marshmallow graham crackery goodness and a solid caramel colored head… sans booze!

Want to try this beer? Ask a local WOB*Star if this beer is on tap near you!