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Meet Jeff McGrath our Florida Regional Manager!

Meet Jeff McGrath our Florida Regional Manager!

How did you first become involved with WOB?

I was working down the street from the WOB Tampa International location and would drive by the building on my way home every night. I remember watching it being built, not really knowing much about the company. I still vividly remember the moment the string lights on the patio were turned on for the first time – I thought the building was absolutely badass! And then, six months later, I found myself interviewing for a position with WOB!

How long have you been with WOB?

 I joined the team in February 2017.

What makes World of Beer different from other places you’ve worked?

The atmosphere. Our restaurants have an electric energy that you just don’t find anywhere else. Seeing our customers genuinely enjoy their meals, drinks, and overall experience is incredibly rewarding.

What is your favorite part about working for WOB?

I absolutely love the autonomy and freedom I have to voice my opinions, thoughts, and ideas. This company truly values the hard work and dedication I have put in, as well as the positive results we have achieved as a team.

Any advice for others who are interested in starting a career at WOB?

If you are a team player who truly cares about what you do and can have fun while doing it, then WOB is the perfect place for you. The company promotes a culture that embraces these values, making it an excellent environment for those looking to build a successful career.