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WOB Bite of the Month: Award Winning Mac & Cheese Bites

WOB Bite of the Month: Award Winning Mac & Cheese Bites

Posted On November 16, 2021

If you haven’t tried our Mac & Cheese Bites yet, you have got do yourself a favor and grab some on your next visit. Our Mac & Cheese bites are not your typical bar food. Sure, there are many places out there that buy a frozen, pre-manufactured product, that hits their fryer right from the freezer, but that’s not us. We like to do things the quality, old fashioned way.

We start with cooking shell pasta, then begin the melting. We slowly bring together heavy whipping cream, Pepper jack cheese, and American cheese to give you the creamiest mac & cheese experience you can have. No fillers, no milk, no roux, only cheese and cream. We then bring the cheese mixture to its natural habitat, tucked inside each perfectly cooked pasta shell. Then comes the fun part…we allow the mixture to cool, then scoop. One by one, each Mac & Cheese Bite, then hand bread them in our Herbed breadcrumb mixture. That’s right, 1000’s per week per location. Why? Because quality matters and we will always go the extra mile for our customers. We quickly fry up our Mac & Cheese bites and serve them dusted with parmesan cheese & cilantro alongside our house-made Sriracha lime aioli, the perfect accompaniment to our favorite item.

But what makes them award winning you may ask? We have been taking down mac & cheese competition after mac & cheese competition with this item for years. It all started with the Tampa Bay Mayor’s Mac & Cheese throwdown, where we knocked off 4-time champs to take the top spot.

Come on in and give these a try and enjoy them with an ice-cold Brown Ale or Amber lager. Honestly, it’s hard to find a beer that doesn’t pair with this menu item.


Beer of the Week: New Planet Blonde Ale. A Gluten free American style Blonde brewed with Cascade hops and orange peel.

Want to try this beer? Ask your local WOB*Star if this beer is on tap near you!